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Hair Restoration / Rejuvenation in Hurst, TX

Hair rejuvenation from The New You Medical & Infusion Clinic a Hurst texas medical practice 76054

Do you have hair loss issues?

Here are the three types of regenerative therapy methods the professionals at The New You Medical and Infusion Clinic use for hair rejuvenation:

PRP Therapy

Hair rejuvenation often relies on the injecting of platelet-rich plasma directly into the scalp. This method is called PRP therapy and helps restore damaged tissue and cells in the hair follicles and scalp.

The revolutionary aspect of PRP injections is that the plasma used in the injection is sourced directly from the patient’s own body. The process to obtain this plasma is simple and can be performed in-office during your hair rejuvenation treatment session.

The professionals at The New You Medical and Infusion Clinic are trained and certified to draw blood from your arm. This blood sample is then placed in a unique machine called a centrifuge, which spins the blood sample very fast. The spinning separates the blood matter from the plasma – high in platelet count and ready to inject into your body.

Just like PRP stimulates bone and tissue growth, will also stimulate new hair growth on your head.

Adult Regenerative Therapy

Known to stimulate the Paracrine Signaling, which also promotes hair growth.


This type of therapy not only helps with hair growth, but also aids chronic disease therapy for lung disease, heart disease, depression, inflammatory bowel disorder, and more.

PDO Threads

The professionals at The New You and Medical Clinic use a procedure method called PDOgro MasterThreads for injecting the regenerative medicine to a patient’s scalp.

The PDOgro MasterThreads is a surgical scaffold material that is used to promote hair growth and stimulates collagen production, elastin, and fibroblasts, and other tissue material on the scalp for hair rejuvenation.

What Can You Expect from Your Hair Restoration Appointment in Hurst, TX?

First, topical anesthesia will be applied to the top of your head to numb feelings and make the procedure painless and comfortable. Next, your doctor will place the PDO threads on your head and begin injecting the chosen regenerative medicine into your scalp.

Usually, a patient will undergo three separate appointments – with six weeks in between each session. Most patients experience hair growth in as little as three months.

If you would like to know more about hair restoration in Hurst, TX, feel free to contact Jessica Stangenwald DC, FNP, RN, at The New You Medical and Infusion Clinic to schedule an appointment today or call (817) 281-9040.

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