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Heavy Metal Testing and Chelation Therapy

Written By The New You Medical and Infusion Clinic on October 20, 2021

What Is Heavy Metal Testing?

Heavy Metal Testing The New You Medical and Infusion Clinic

Your body needs trace amounts of certain metals and minerals to function properly. However, large amounts of these heavy metals – like lead, mercury, copper, iron, arsenic, aluminum, and calcium – can be quite harmful and lead to heavy metal poisoning. Heavy metal testing is a process that identifies these toxic and harmful substances within your body.  

It’s important to undergo heavy metal testing in order to find out if these substances are present in your bloodstream, so you can take steps to get rid of them. One of the most effective means of getting rid of heavy metals is chelation therapy. The New You Medical and Infusion Clinic provides both heavy metal testing and chelation therapy to residents in Hurst, Texas.

What Is Chelation Therapy?

During chelation therapy, special drugs, including EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), are inserted into your body to remove toxic heavy metals. Chelation therapy is most often administered via an IV tube inserted into the arm. The EDTA binds with these toxic metals, and they both exit the body via the kidneys. You can expect to feel only mild discomfort during the IV insertion.

Get Chelation Therapy from an Experienced Physician

Because IV chelation therapy involves inserting drugs directly into the bloodstream, it’s important that you consult a licensed, experienced health care practitioner, like Dr. Stangenwald, to conduct this treatment. Improperly conducted chelation therapy can lead to serious side effects like kidney damage, dehydration, and gastrointestinal disorders. On the other hand, when chelation therapy is done properly, patients experience benefits such as reduced fatigue and less pain and swelling, in addition to a healthier bloodstream.

Heavy Metal Testing and Chelation Therapy in Hurst, TX

If you are interested in heavy metal testing and chelation therapy, pay us a visit at The New You Medical and Infusion Clinic in Hurst, Texas. After undergoing heavy metal testing with Dr. Stangenwald, she will determine whether you are a good candidate for chelation therapy. 

We know that some people feel anxious about these kinds of procedures, so we spend time reassuring our patients and presenting all the facts surrounding chelation therapy so they can make an informed decision. Dr. Stangenwald also administers other types of IV therapy to patients in Hurst. 

Schedule an Appointment Today

Heavy metal poisoning can damage your body. Get rid of harmful toxins in your blood by undergoing heavy metal testing and chelation therapy with Dr. Stangenwald at The New You Medical and Infusion Clinic. Schedule an appointment today. 

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